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Hi, I’m Thomas, Owner and Chief Editor of dramadice.com. I’m a huge fan of storytelling and tabletop roleplaying games, and I’ve experienced so many amazing moments with this hobby and the community behind it that I decided it’s time to give something back. That’s why I started this website. I want to promote roleplaying and storytelling games by sharing my passion for creating and telling stories with you. I also want to help inspire gamemasters with tips, tutorials, and product reviews, since they’re the ones who keep this great hobby alive. Read on if you want to find out more about the purpose of this website and its contributors.

Who we are – A nerd biography

This website is currently run by myself, Thomas Weinberger, hardcore tabletop RPG enthusiast. I first started playing RPGs back in the mid-90s when I was a teenager. When I heard some classmates brag about slaying monsters and sabotaging megacorporations, I was immediately hooked in this world of wondrous adventures and epic plots. For the next 25 years, roleplaying games have become a huge part of my life, they never ceased to fascinate me. No other hobby I tried was as versatile, diverse, and ever-changing. Of course, my playstyle has evolved over the years as I learned more about roleplaying. I spent the first ten years with classic action-oriented fantasy RPGs including MERP, Earthdawn, D&D, and Shadowrun. With the luxury of having a big local roleplaying community, I was equal parts player and gamemaster, allowing me to experience the hobby from both sides of the screen and to learn from some of the finest GMs in western Europe.
timeline of pen paper systems
In 2004, I switched to playing 7th Sea and the Cthulhu RPG, which has been my favorite game setting ever since. Then I played a lot of Fate RPG and around 2014 I switched to Indie and PBTA games, focusing more on character conflicts and player empowerment. I’m currently very much into Monsterhearts and The Sprawl, always keeping my eyes open for new PBTA systems. Check out the timeline below for an in-depth look at my nerd-bio and the systems I played.

Games I’ve played on occasion

Here’s a list of games I’ve played a few times, but never developed a long-term interest in.
  • A Song of Ice and Fire RPG
  • Arcane Codex
  • De Profundis
  • Deadlands
  • Dread
  • Mech Warrior
  • Night’s Black Agents
  • Numenera
  • Pathfinder
  • Runequest
  • Forbidden Lands
  • InSpectres
  • John Sinclair RPG
  • Kult
  • Mech Warrior
  • Night’s Black Agents
  • Numenera
  • Pathfinder
  • Runequest
  • Splittermond
  • Star Wars D20
  • The Dark Eye / Das Schwarze Auge
  • Vampire: Dark Ages
  • Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy
pen paper rpg session
dramadice mission statement

Our mission

Playing roleplaying and storytelling games is one of the best hobbies out there. We want to promote roleplaying games and encourage more people to join this great community. We aim to support and inspire the main pillar of this hobby, the gamemasters. But we also want to encourage new members of the community to become gamemasters by teaching them the tricks of the trade. GMing is not some mythical art. It’s a craft that can be taught and learned like any other, and we’re here to show you how to hone your storytelling skills and become one.

Why do another blog about roleplaying games?

There are certainly loads of good websites offering tips to gamemasters, but a lot of those sites have outdated designs. The articles on these websites are also difficult to browse through and it’s hard to find a specific topic. Our goal is to deliver storytelling tips with a fresh design and to provide content that is regularly being updated while still making it easy for you to search the archives. The tabletop RPG space deserves extensive and up-to-date resources, and that is precisely what we are trying to build with dramadice.com.

Where does the term “Dramadice” come from?

“Dramadice” is a connotation to the core of tabletop roleplaying games. “Drama” stands for dramatic conflicts, overcoming inner demons, and cunning rivals, which drive any plot. And “Dice” resembles the core gaming aspect of the hobby; getting together with friends at the table to tell a compelling story that is slowly being unraveled as you play. Originally, the term “drama dice” comes from a game mechanic from the magnificent 7th Sea roleplaying game by John Wick. In 7th Sea, these dice were a currency for the players to influence the outcome of a scene. This kind of player empowerment is the kind of gameplay element we hold dear.
7th sea rpg gamemaster advice dramadice

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