Creating Gods for your Tabletop RPG Setting

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Creating gods and deities during worldbuilding

Here’s a a guide on how to create Gods for your own tabletop RPG setting or campaign. It’s a great aid for any kind of fantasy worldbuilding. The PDF file is an single page with lists for names, epithets, domains, holy symbols, sacrifices and the architecture of temples or places of worship. Ideally, every player creates their own deity – then you have a whole pantheon.

From our “Dying Gods” campaign

We developed the idea for a deity creation sheet in our Dungeon World group in our current campaign. The main story is about the fall or the death of multiple Gods, and how this event would impact the game world. The demise of the Goddess of fertility Xirin, for example, lead to bad harvests and famine.
You can find a game report on our Dark Fantasy Dungeon World campaign in this article.
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